Here’s what others have to say about us!

  • ”Nya Ansikten: Parisian Pass ‘This Here Kid'”
    (by Swedish music blog Songs for Whoever)

    ”[Parisian Pass] växlar mellan akustisk singer/songwriter över snärtiga gitarriff till keyboardbaserad pop och ett namn som Acid House Kings är aldrig långt borta. Melodier så efterhängsna att man gränsar till paranoia.”

  • Recommendation by Irish music magazine Unsigned & Independent

    ”This is a band with a sound that can only be described as gorgeous to listen to. Aspects of their sound are firmly coveted with a splendor to be found in the ample pop styling. […] As a band they back everything up and the intricate level of artistry doesn’t dilute or over-complicate the end product which counts for a lot here.”

  • Review by Musical Tribe

    ”They’ve got a good collection of upbeat pop-folk songs, but they also write masterfully in the singer-songwriter genre. In particular, their song “Son” is a warm bath for your ears. Its smooth feel and Simon & Garfunkel-esque harmonies are a throwback to simpler times.”

  • ”Parisian Pass – Son (Video)”
    (recommendation for our first video by Being Blogged)